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Greetings folks! „Crystal Dungeon” is a map of DM’s Essentials theme. With this month’s set of maps, we’ve prepared maps that every Dungeon Master should have at their disposal. They’ll be perfect for both one-shots and longer campaigns.


The miners have unearthed an old dwarven dungeon! Come and explore its depths!

The silver mines near Potburry have brought a lot of wealth to the region. Nobody expected that the miners would one day also unearth an entrance to what seems to be old rooms of dwarven origin. The first room they glimpse through the opening has a circle of dwarven symbols on the floor – was this design prepared for a summoning ritual or some other nefarious spell?

The foreman refuses to risk a disaster happening to his crew. He closes the mine and calls for brave adventurers to explore the dungeon. You are the one who takes on this quest.

In the first room to the right, there’s water that reaches your knees. It’s stale and old, but otherwise harmless. In the room to the left, two sarcophagi dwell. But are these simple discoveries all there are to the dungeon? As you break the spell circle, four suits of armor from each corner of the room start to move. You will need to fight for your life!

When the battle’s over, the door that leads deeper into the dungeon’s depths opens with a loud sound. Opposite the entrance is a throne room. There’s a fancy chair in the middle. But what really catches your eye are the glowing crystals. What manner of precious treasure are these? The corridor on the left leads into a room with a crystal ball. Do you dare to look inside and discover your fate? Or maybe the crystal ball is just a trick created by some old dwarven inventor and wizard. The last room, on the right, houses what you’ve really been seeking – a treasure chest filled with gold!

With your help the dungeon has been cleared, but the question of what those strange blue glowing crystals are remains. Maybe an old wizard should be summoned to offer expert guidance on them?  The foreman remains doubtful about whether to open the mines again. Is it safe… or not?

Adventure Hooks

  • The foreman of the Potburry mine hires you to check if the old dwarven dungeon that his people uncovered is safe. He wants to open the mines again but can’t until he knows that no danger is lurking within the opening in the wall. You can take anything you think is worth something as payment for your exploration.
  • The dwarven scholar Theobold has been researching dwarven ruins in the region. When he hears that an old dungeon has been uncovered by the miners of Potburry, he asks you to investigate it for him. He’s particularly interested in what the dwarves called crystal cultivation. If you come across any samples of blue glowing crystals, you should bring them to him.
  • The human researcher Hadden is curious about his future. He hears that in the mines near Potburry an old dwarven dungeon has been uncovered which houses a crystal ball. Possibly whoever gazes into the ball sees what their fate will be five years from now – or so the old dwarven texts claim. Hadden hires you to escort him inside the mine so he can check for himself.
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