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Greetings folks! Goblin Caves” is a map of DM’s Essentials theme. With this month’s set of maps, we’ve prepared maps that every Dungeon Master should have at their disposal. They’ll be perfect for both one-shots and longer campaigns.


Explore the cave system which houses the lair of goblins!
Hunting goblins is part of a new adventurer’s normal day. The vermin like to dwell in abandoned ruins and mines. Sometimes more of them gather in one place than you would like. Despite their numbers, the plague of goblins has to be eradicated.
You enter a cave system that you heard is a goblin horde’s lair. Indeed the foul smell of your enemy is hard to miss in this place. The air is quite damp too, and not far away from the entrance you hear water flowing. There must be a river here. To the left, a bunch of wolves tamed by the goblins live in a pen. They howl upon noticing you. The sound lures the goblins to your location – you’re in for a fight!
After you defeat the first wave of greenskins, you proceed farther into the caves. You pass by the river, soon finding yourself in a large cave. Piles of hay — a resting place for the goblins — are scattered around. You fight off more of the enemies and proceed to the last cave where the goblin shaman resides. The fight with their leader is the hardest battle yet, but you are victorious regardless.
You gather what you find of value in the caves. You have an idea to tread through the water in search of a hidden room. Indeed, upstream you discover a hidden cave which holds a giant chest filled with gold and jewelry. Now your party will be able to live like kings for the next month!

Adventure Hooks

  • Potburry has suffered long enough from goblin attacks on the road leading into town. You accept the mayor’s quest to find the enemy’s lair, and your search leads you to the cave system. Now your task is to clear out the despicable vermin residing within.
  • The old human wizard Richmond requires goblin ears for a potion that he’s making. He calls it a ‘beautifying elixir’. Goblin ears aren’t pretty, so why they’re an ingredient in such a potion is a mystery to you. But the wizard is paying well, so you find a cave system full of goblins and venture inside to defeat as many of them as you can.
  • You spend a night in the woods, resting after your latest adventure. But while slumbering you are attacked by goblins. Once they realize they can’t defeat you, they grab your bags which hold your valuables and run away. You chase them to an entrance leading into a cave system. To get back what’s yours you’ll have to venture inside!
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