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“Ship: The Last Cry” is the first map of The Adventures on the Interplanetary Sea. With this set of our maps, you’ll be all set to start your intergalactic voyage. Who said that space adventures does not need magic?


Board the magnificent ship and explore the vast seas!

The ship rocks from side to side, floating upon the boundless interplanetary sea. Beyond the broadside, you see the pink and purple cosmic swirls of space that connect worlds. The side-wings of the Last Cry sway slightly as if catching wind, but there’s no wind blowing. The air smells of a fresh pine forest, the sea rolls with gentle waves; everything here is designed to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

It’s boring. You thirst for an adventure, but you first need to get to a place where you can find one.

Suddenly you hear a cry from the deck below. Your party members give each other a glance before you all run down the stairs as one. Where did the cry come from? Your quarters? The kitchen or dining room? Or the captain’s cabin? Just as you finish checking all the rooms, confused, you hear a growl from the lowest deck.

You remember that you’ve taken on the quest to transport some cargo. You were heading to its intended destination anyway, so why not use the opportunity to earn some extra money? But included in the cargo, alongside the numerous packages, barrels, and bales of textiles, were two strange-looking monsters locked in metal cages.

“Stay away!” You hear someone’s voice from downstairs. It sounds like Dowty, the young deckhand who barely knows anything about life on a ship. You run down and see him on the ground, one of the monsters on top of him. Foam from the creature’s mouth falls onto the boy’s face. It looks enraged, growling menacingly. How did the monster escape the cage?

No matter, the important thing is to get the creature locked up once more. After all, you’re getting paid to deliver the monster alive. However, no one said anything about making sure it remains unhurt. Some sense must be knocked into the creature’s overgrown head.

You throw yourselves into battle.

Adventure Hooks

  • It is a boring day on The Last Cry, but only until you learn you have to deal with the monster you’re transporting escaping from its cage. You have to put the dangerous cargo back behind bars, but don’t kill it! You’re getting paid to bring it to Perlin alive.
  • You’re traveling the vast interplanetary sea when another ship approaches you at top speed. You quickly realize you’re being attacked by pirates. They throw hooks onto the deck of your ship and board you. Can you repel their attack?
  • On your way to Perlin you pass by a group of purple whales, leisurely floating in the interplanetary sea. When you pass between the mighty creatures, you notice there’s an asteroid that was previously hidden from your sight. On the surface, a small temple stands. What secrets could it hide?
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