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“A Port Town” is a map of The Adventures on the Interplanetary Sea. With this set of our maps, you’ll be all set to start your intergalactic voyage. Who said that space adventures does not need magic?


Walk from the docks of Perlin to the town’s beautiful square!

You dock at Perlin’s port, glad to finally step off the deck of your ship onto the stable ground of the asteroid on which the large and impressive town of Perlin has been built. The docks are busy with people moving cargo around. You follow their lead and bring the barrels and crates from your ship to the magistrate’s office. The man to whom the shipment is supposed to be delivered is waiting there. You get paid a handsome amount of money, and with the heavy pouch in hand you venture back to the main throughway, big smiles on your faces.

But suddenly someone grabs the pouch and yanks it out of your hands. Before you can react, the burly man runs away towards the center of town.

“Thief!” You scream as your party starts running after him. The people you pass look at you curiously, but no one bothers to help you.

You arrive at the main square of Perlin where a small marketplace with colorful tents is being held. Where did the man go? You look around and see him disappear down one of the alleyways. You run after him – you manage to catch up. There’s more of you, so your party surrounds the man. He hangs his head low and gives up the stolen money, begging you to spare him. He looks pitiful, sporting ragged clothes and a beard that hasn’t been shaved in days, so you let him go and give him a few coins. He thanks you, tears falling down his cheeks, and heads deeper into town as he walks away.

You go back to the beautiful marketplace, but now you see Perlin in a different light. This port town might be rich, yet there are still problems here – thievery, homelessness, and sickness. But what can a small party of adventurers like you do against such issues? Maybe a visit to the mayor is in order to see how you might help the town?

Adventure Hooks

  • A thief steals your hard-earned money, and you run after him to the main square of the town. You catch him, but you’re now aware of Perlin’s poverty problem. You go to the mayor to find out how you can help the townsfolk, and he directs you to the local orphanage. You spend a day patching the building’s leaking roof. It’s a different kind of adventure than you’re used to, but not a bad way to spend your time. After all, being an adventurer is about helping people, right?
  • In the marketplace of Perlin there’s a festival going on; colorful dancers and dexterous jugglers entertain the crowd. You join in on the fun. Once in a while, a break from adventuring is in order.
  • The marketplace of Perlin is known to have perla fruit for sale. A merchant from Omary has tasked you with purchasing and transporting back to him a large amount of the fruit. But the salesperson at the stall doesn’t have nearly enough of the delicacy to satisfy the order the merchant gave you. You will need to walk around Perlin’s
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