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“Monster Skeleton” is a map of The Adventures on the Interplanetary Sea. With this set of our maps, you’ll be all set to start your intergalactic voyage. Who said that space adventures does not need magic?

Investigate the cultist base built around a skeleton of a strange monster!

Somewhere deep in the interplanetary sea is an asteroid which is known for its graveyard of monster skeletons. Many creatures come to this place to die. No one understands the cause of this habit, but it has gone on for centuries now.

You’re surprised when you receive a quest to investigate strange excursions to and from this asteroid. Apparently some people have taken up residence there, and they’re not a very friendly group.

When you dock by the edge of the asteroid, you stare at the sight before you in wonder. Around the skeleton of a giant monster, a building has been erected. You hear the sound of weird chants coming from within, and the air smells foul. By the entrance there are bloody marks.

Weapons and magic at the ready, you go inside to see a large room with a magic circle on the floor. The symbol is glowing faintly; definitely active. Soon the inhabitants of the building come pouring inside from the adjacent rooms. They are wearing black robes, and they’re not happy to see you at all. You recognize the symbol tattooed on the sides of their heads – they are cultists of an evil god you thought was almost forgotten and no longer worshiped. It seems you were wrong though.

A fight breaks out, and the cultists throw foul magic at you. When you are finally victorious, you step over their dead bodies and explore the other rooms of their dwelling. There’s a library, a kitchen with a dining room, bedrooms, and a storage space. One room has been used as a prison. You free the people who have been held captive there, and they cry tears of relief. Once again you are saviors.

Adventure Hooks

  • You’ve been tasked with investigating a monster graveyard. Apparently the cultists there have turned one of the skeletons into their base. You fight the cultists and clear the place of their evil presence.
  • The parents of a young boy who went missing task you with finding their son. The investigation leads you to the monster graveyard. After fighting the cultists who live in the makeshift building around one of the giant skeletons, you find the boy trapped in their prison. Luckily he’s alive and unharmed.
  • You infiltrate the cult of an evil god whose worshipers reside in a monster skeleton to find out more about their nefarious activities. The cultists kidnap people and sacrifice them to their deity. Once you gather enough evidence of their evil deeds, it’s time to strike!
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