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“The Ship Graveyard” is the last map of The Adventures on the Interplanetary Sea. With this set of our maps, you’ll be all set to start your intergalactic voyage. Who said that space adventures does not need magic?

Find interesting loot in the remains of a battlefield!

Your voyage on the Interplanetary Sea takes you to an area where an enormous battle between ships took place not long ago. You’re not that interested in politics, but even you have heard about how the Realm of Yorstan went up against the Confederacy of Perten here. Not that it really matters who fought whom of course. The true value of this place lies in the loot that remains on the shipwreck.

You fly your ship between several of the destroyed vessels, deciding which one to approach first. Just then you see a shadowy figure beneath you. As the figure nears, you realize that it’s a dragon and that it doesn’t appear to be friendly! Will you hide between the wrecked ships and the asteroids or will you run away? Fighting such a giant, dangerous creature is not an option. You must decide your next move quickly!

Adventure Hooks

  • You hear that the Realm of Yostan and the Confederacy of Perten fought against each other long ago, leaving behind a large ship graveyard. You fly to the battlefield to loot the shipwreck when a dragon appears. You have to maneuver your ship between asteroids and destroyed vessels to hide. Hopefully the dragon will pass by!
  • The King of the Realm of Yostan lost his scepter, a piece of regalia symbolizing his power, in the battle against the Confederacy of Perten. He hires you to go to the ship graveyard that remains at the former battlefield and find the artifact. Any loot you gather in the process is yours to keep.
  • The Confederacy of Perten has hired you to find the scepter of the King of Yostan, which rumor says he lost during the battle a few days ago. You will have to fly through the whole graveyard to find the monarch’s vessel. Beware, however, of the dragon that resides amongst the wreckage.
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