The Giant Tree with Walkways

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Step inside the giant tree and take its loot for yourselves!

“A group of fae inhabits the inside of a giant tree somewhere deep in the woods,” Sir Archibald, a balding gnome inventor, tells you. He has posted a call for adventurers; he seeks help to recover a looking glass that has magical properties. “The fae have built their kingdom around that tree. They have a hoard of riches inside. And they have stolen my looking glass. Your task will be to retrieve it.”

Sir Archibald and you agree on your payment, and you leave for the fae forest. After hours of exploring the woods you finally reach the giant tree. You stop before it, staring at the sight in awe. The tree is enormous. Walkways lead up into the thick boughs, connecting them. Leaf-covered figures with humanoid forms move around, busy with their tasks. But when you enter the walkways, they notice you. They run in your direction, preparing their magic. It’s time to fight!

When the fight is over – a difficult battle due to the narrowness of the walkways – you enter the inside of the tree and see the piles of gold and artifacts scattered around. Sir Archibald’s looking glass lies on top of one gold pile. He didn’t say you couldn’t take what you wish for yourself from the rest of the hoard. Becoming rich marks a good day in an adventurer’s life!

Adventure Hooks

  • Sir Archibald, a gnome inventor, has lost his looking glass. He sends you to the woods where fae live inside a giant tree. They are the ones who stole from the old gnome. You find the tree and fight the fae until you breach their barriers and find sir Archibald’s looking glass as well as other wondrous items.
  • You’ve heard stories that the fae living in a giant tree have a hoard of valuable items befitting a dragon. You decide to get those riches for yourselves. After fighting the fae, you reach the inside of the tree. You are not disappointed when you find the piles of gold and artifacts within.
  • The fae of the giant tree have invited you to their kingdom, which they have aptly built around a giant tree. They lead you through walkways suspended in the air between boughs to show you their riches. If you complete a quest for the fae monarch, some of those riches will be yours. You just need to steal a magical looking glass from a gnome inventor named Sir Archibald.
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