The hag that lives in the Haunted Forest has invited you for tea!
Eleanora Redwood, an old mage who’s a professor at the Magical Academy in the capital, has been engaged in a bitter rivalry for years with Hegvilda Starfire, an old alchemist who now lives in the Haunted Forest. The two women don’t wish to inflict severe harm on each other, but they do delight in committing small pranks. The quest you accepted from Eleanora Redwood is to go to Hegvilda’s cottage and put a potion into her cauldron. The potion is only supposed to change the color of the concoction brewing inside, but you have your doubts. However, Eleanora has paid good money, and the quest is simple enough.
You enter the Haunted Forest, ignoring its sinister aura. After walking for an hour you arrive at the place where Hegvilda’s hut is located. You knock on the door. An old woman answers, happy to have visitors. She has you sit in the living room while she goes into the kitchen. The cauldron you’re supposed to pour the potion into is standing in the middle of the room. You quickly do the work, changing the color of the liquid from red to green.
Hegvilda offers you tea to go along with the cookies she prepared, but she pours the tea from the cauldron, not minding the change in color at all. You refuse to drink, but she does. As a result, her body changes into the form of an ugly, monstrous hag. She cackles. “It seems you have changed my work into the potion of the True Form. I can’t have you telling everyone I’m a real hag though, and not just an innocent alchemist. You will die now!”

Adventure Hooks

  • Eleanora Redwood, a professor at the Magic Academy in the capital, tasks you with pouring a potion into the cauldron of an alchemist living in the Haunted Forest, Hegvilda Starfire. When you do the deed, the alchemist changes into a hag after drinking some of the liquid. She won’t let you out of her hut alive, so you have to fight for your lives!
  • A merchant’s daughter is suffering from a strange illness. You’re tasked with escorting the merchant and his daughter through the Haunted Forest and finding the hut of Hegvilda Starfire, an old alchemist who’s very skilled at curing people. When you arrive at the hut, you have to convince Hegvilda to help.
  • On your journeys you have met Hegvilda Starfire, an old alchemist. She has invited you to visit her hut the next time you travel through the Haunted Forest. The day comes, and you knock on her door. She’s happy you’ve visited. But the inside of her hut is strange, even for an alchemist. What is that potion that’s brewing in the huge cauldron in the middle of the living room?
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