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Face the troll taking a toll on the bridge!

You’re not far from Whiteve, the town where your current quest giver lives, when you come across a shortcut that would save you an hour of walking. It’s a bridge connecting the two banks of a quickly-flowing river. However, crossing proves more difficult than you first thought when you encounter a giant troll sitting on the sturdy-looking stone bridge…

“If you want to cross the bridge you will have to pay a toll.” The troll’s voice is booming. His yellow eyes land on you and he gets up, rising to his impressive height. Suddenly you feel small and insignificant… but you’re not really a bunch of nobodies, are you? You’re mighty adventurers!

“What kind of toll do we have to pay?” Your leader steps in front of the rest of you, brave enough to converse with the huge enemy.

“You need to answer a riddle,” the troll answers. “Do you accept the challenge?”

You look at each other before you exchange nods. You’re up to the monster’s task. “Yes, tell us your riddle.”

“Feed me and I will live, give me a drink and I will die.” The troll’s booming voice echoes in the valley. “That is the riddle.”

You think for a moment. Finally, the wizard of your party steps in front of the rest of you, answering with a smile. “The answer is: fire.”

The enemy smiles, showing sharp teeth. “That is correct. You may pass.”

You all exhale in relief. You’re glad this adventure didn’t end in a fight. You’re indeed mighty adventurers, but part of being good at your job is picking your battles and living another day. You’re not sure if you would have been able to defeat the troll in combat. In a riddle match, however, you’ve proven victorious.

Adventure Hooks

  • The bridge you need to cross to get to Whiteve is guarded by a troll. To pass you need to pay a toll in the form of answering a riddle. “Feed me and I will live, give me a drink and I will die.” The answer is fire. Once you give the correct reply, the troll lets you pass.
  • The bridge near Whiteve is guarded by a brigade of bandits. To pass, they want you to pay a toll of 20 gold coins. If you refuse, you will have to fight them – but isn’t that option the better one? You will stop their criminal activity.
  • The bridge to Whiteve has collapsed and is currently undergoing repairs. You have to travel an hour downstream to where another bridge is located – an old stone construction. You discover, however, that goblins have set up camp in the middle of this bridge of all places. You will have to fight your way through and help the other travelers who set up camp nearby while waiting for someone to make the path clear.
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