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One of the dwarven miners vanishes, and you’re tasked with investigating this mysterious disappearance.

Near Blackwoode is a silver mine operated by dwarves. The foreman asks you to investigate the sudden disappearance of one of his workers. The mine is small; there’s only one chamber where six dwarves sleep and a room for supplies.

Off to the left, the dwarves have already begun making the space homier for themselves by making a space to put up a statue of their King and carving out another room for storing the more valuable items they’ve brought here from their settlement. In the future this place will become another dwarven complex of tunnels, or so the foreman hopes.

Off to the right is a huge natural cave with plentiful nodes of silver that the dwarves are mining. Some fluorescent mushrooms grow down the middle, lighting the area. Upon further investigation, you come near the pond in the southern corner of the cave. The water bubbles; when you turn around, a tentacle of goo extends from the surface and tries to pull one of you into the water. The pond is actually a giant slime! Get ready to fight – you’ve found what ate the missing dwarf!

Adventure Hooks

  • Upon investigating the dwarven silver mine, you find that a slime is pretending to be a pond of water and has already eaten one of the miners. It’s time to get rid of this monster so that the dwarves can continue to work in peace.
  • In your travels you stumble upon a dwarven silver mine. It seems the dwarves have begun developing the space into a proper settlement. Yet all the supplies now lie abandoned; where have the workers gone? Upon investigating the main cave, you find out there’s a giant slime living inside. That creature must have eaten the dwarves. What a sad way to die.
  • The dwarven silver mine near Blackwoode is looking for workers. Since you want to take a break from adventuring for a while, you decide to apply as miners. Maybe the change of pace won’t be so bad?
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