A Town Built into the Mountainside

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Steal the Ring of the Golden Eye from the house of the mayor of Whiteve!

Whiteve is an unusual town built right next to a steep cliff wall of the Bloodstone Mountain. The town was designed by both dwarves and humans, and is located in the middle of the Ferlon Desert. The buildings are erected from sandstone and clay.

Hilda Timbermoon, a widowed noble matron from Northkeep, has given you the quest to go to Whiteve and to steal the Ring of the Golden Eye from the mayor’s house. In exchange she will part with a large sum of gold.

You arrive at the town by the mountainside and locate the house of the mayor. It’s not any grander than the other houses, just a bit larger. You’re used to buildings with multiple stories, whereas Whiteve’s homes have only one floor. The layout of the house is easy to navigate at least. While two of you engage the mayor in a conversation about the town’s architecture, the other two enter the house. You find the ring you’re looking for in a chest in the mayor’s bedchamber.

Before anybody can realize what you’ve done, you leave the mayor and his house behind you. This heist was surprisingly simple, you think, but you don’t manage to leave the town before guards start pursuing you and shouting. “Thieves!”

How did they find out about the ring so quickly? No matter, you have to focus on running.

Adventure Hooks

  • Hilda Timbermoon has tasked you with stealing the Ring of the Golden Eye from the house of the mayor of Whiteve. You succeed in the theft but are chased by a group of guards.
  • Gunner Mudfog, a dwarven architect, wants you to draw a map of the town of Whiteve for him. He’s interested in analyzing the layout of the settlement, but the plans to the town were lost in a fire. He will pay you handsomely for a good sketch.
  • Patricia Luckfield, a human researcher, is interested in learning more about the living conditions of the townsfolk of Whiteve. She wants you to help her speak with the people living in the town. You will have to knock on the doors of a few houses and find someone willing to talk.
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