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Venture to the Flying Lands of Halulil in search of an ingredient for a love potion!

You always thought of yourself as adventurers with your feet firmly planted on the ground, but one day you find yourselves having to board an airship. You ascend far into the sky until you arrive at what is known as the Flying Lands of Halulil. Navigating between the small airborne islands is difficult, but you must journey deep into the heart of this close-knit archipelago.

Betty, a chipper halfling researcher from the Magic Academy in the capital, has asked you to find the fabled Pond of Sharea in Halulil. “The water doesn’t look any different from that of a normal pond, but it has indisputable magical properties. If mixed with some special ingredients it can be brewed into a love potion. I just so happen to have those ingredients on hand and to be in need of creating such a mixture.” Betty looked at you with pleading eyes. “You will go to the Halulil Archipelag, and fetch a vial of this water for me, won’t you? I will reward you handsomely.” At the promise of riches, your interest in the quest grew.

So here you are now, in the Flying Lands, searching for the Pond of Sharea. You look at the various flying islands, trying to spot your destination, until you finally find a small island with a single pond in the middle surrounded by trees. You disembark from the ship and collect a small dose of the miraculous water in the vial provided to you by Betty. The liquid really doesn’t look like anything special – just normal water. Still, you’re not about to test if Betty is right or not about the magical properties. This is the water she wanted, and you will return the vial to her.

Suddenly a flying serpent appears, soaring between the islands. You won’t be able to outrun the beast on your airship, so your only option is to fight! Hopefully your magic and arrows will be able to pierce the creature’s iridescent scales!

Adventure Hooks

  • Betty, a halfling researcher, wants to make a love potion. She needs the water from the Pond of Sharea in the Halulil Archipelago to brew the concoction. For the promise of gold, you travel to the flying lands on an airship and get a vial of the fabled water. Just then you are attacked by a flying serpent.
  • Gurk, a half-orc engineer, has teamed up with Durk, a half-orc researcher. They want to find the truth behind why the Archipelago of Halulil is airborne. Nobody has figured out thus far how the islands stay suspended in the sky, and Gurk and Durk hope to receive a magical research prize from the Magic Academy in the capital for their efforts. They have asked you, a group of adventurers, to escort them in case any arcane monsters decide to take an interest in them.
  • The Flying Lands of Halulil are plagued by a flying serpent who has been preying on the lives of passersby, making the voyage between islands dangerous. The King of Halulil, Omergo the Second, has tasked you with getting rid of the menace. You take an airship to the Archipelago. It doesn’t take you long to run into the monster. Will you be able to defeat the dangerous creature?
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