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Provide help in the siege of Omerta!

Being an adventurer isn’t far off from being a sell-sword at times. When a new opportunity to earn a lot of gold comes along, you decide it’s not beneath you to accept and help King Grumil the Third in his siege of Omerta – an impenetrable fort in the neighboring Kingdom of Letitia.

The siege persists for weeks with no sign of ending. Since the defenses have not yet been breached and you have nothing to do, you decide to help out with the trebuchets by carrying the stones and aiming at the castle walls. After a while, you make a sizable hole in the main gate, and the commander calls you to storm the fort itself. Equipped with magic and steel, you run to the opening to bring death upon the enemies. All the while, they try to slow down your approach by firing at you using ballistae, bows, and crossbows, but to no avail.

Once you’re inside the fort, victory is yours. You may be hired swords, but you care about the victory just like everybody else. After all, whatever your task, you pride yourselves on doing a good job.

Omerta has fallen today, and you had a hand in the fort’s demise.

Adventure Hooks

  • Even though you’re adventurers, you won’t pass up the job of joining King Grumil’s army to besiege Omerta, an impenetrable fort. The siege takes weeks, but finally you’re able to break through the castle gate and enter to bring death upon the defenders.
  • After your last quest, you’ve been resting in the Fort of Omerta. Suddenly the neighboring country’s leader, King Grumil, launches a war campaign against your kingdom, and his first target is this castle! You have no choice but to join the fort’s defenders. The siege endures for weeks until finally King Grumil gives up and leaves. You’ve won and can once again safely leave for a new adventure.
  • King Grumil’s forces have abandoned their weaponry and equipment after quitting the siege of Omerta. You search through the battlefield, looking for any valuables. You’re poor adventurers after all, and scavenging is just another way to get rich, right?
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