Sanctuary of the Three Animal Protectors

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Pray in the Shrine of the Three Animal Gods!

A strange wizard who goes by the name of Alexander has asked you to visit the Sanctuary of the Three Animal Protectors and read out loud the words he has written down on a piece of paper. The quest is a strange one, but well-paid, so you take the mission without much thought.

Within the shrine you pass by an elevated dais which seems to cover a sarcophagi of sorts; a place of burial for a hero, as the engraving says. The three animal protectors can be found at the end of the room: a hare, an eagle and a cat. You stand in front of the figures and read out the words in a strange language you don’t understand. They feel heavy on your tongue.

The floor below your feet open, and you fall into the darkness of the crypts below…. Will you be able to find your way back to the surface?

Adventure Hooks

  • The wizard Alexander tells you to recite words in a foreign language in front of the statues of the Three Animal Protectors. When you do so, you fall into the crypts below the building and need to find your way out.
  • You escort a curious halfling art student to the Sanctuary; he wants to sketch the Animal Protectors to which it is dedicated. The journey to the remote shrine is dangerous and not without adventures, but finally you arrive safely. The halfling joyfully draws the figures while telling you why the Sanctuary is dedicated to those deities in particular.
  • There is a rumor that below the Sanctuary of the Three Animal Protectors is a maze-like complex of crypts which hides forgotten treasure. You arrive at the shrine and look around the room, trying to locate the entrance. Will you be able to find a way down?
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