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Solve the case of the missing chickens!

“My chickens have gone missing,” an elderly villager calls out to your party as you enter Everton, a quaint village by the road to Blackwoode. There’s an inn to your left and a temple to your right. In front of the temple stands a priest along with the elderly lady who has now successfully gained your attention. You had planned to stay the night at the inn and not do anything important for the rest of the day. However, the woman runs up to you and takes your party leader’s arm in her hand. “Please help me!” She cries out. “The priest doesn’t want to aid me! Please, dear adventurers, help a woman in need!”

By the garb on her back, you can tell she’s not rich which means she’s probably not going to be able to pay you much for your time, if anything. It’s not like you have anything better to do though, and night hasn’t fallen yet, so you decide to hear her out. “I’m sure Jeremiah has my chickens! He lives in the middle of the village by the small lake! But he’s a ruffian! I can’t go to him to get my dear babies back alone.” In light of her story, you decide to escort the grandma to Jeremiah’s house.

When you knock on the door, a tall, burly man opens it. “What do you need from me?” His voice is as low and booming as you’d imagined.

“Jeremiah, I know you have my chickens!” The elderly woman calls out from behind you, looking more sure of herself now that she has brought armed forces to aid her cause.

“I don’t have your chickens, Sandra,” comes the giant’s reply. “But Lara might know something about them – she’s your neighbor after all. Why is it that every time something goes missing, people think I’m the devil responsible?”

You couldn’t say, for he seems like a kind man to you even though he looks like a bandit with that giant scar on his face. He’s seen some combat, that’s for sure.

Sandra escorts you to Lara’s house next. The woman who opens the door has her red hair in a braid. Her slightly pointy ears tell you that she’s a half-elf. She’s rather pretty as well.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” When she opens her mouth though, you quickly realize she’s likely not known for her sunny disposition. Her words are full of venom.

“Lara, you have stolen my chickens!” Grandma explains.

You let out a collective sigh. Hurling the accusation at the half-elven woman surely won’t net good results.

But the redhead’s expression changes to a malicious smile. “That I did. So what are gonna do about it?”

“I will have these able-bodied men and women get them back for me!” Sandra calls out behind you.

A flame appears in the half-elf hand. “I won’t give you back the chickens without a fight.”

Is that a fireball she’s cooking up for you? What is a sorcerer of her caliber doing in this middle-of-nowhere village? However, there is no chance to think about the why-s and how-s. It’s time to fight! For the chickens! Or for the safety of your own hides – at this point, self-preservation has likewise become a crucial factor.

Adventure Hooks

  • You investigate the matter of some stolen chickens. Your questioning leads you to the house of Lara who turns out to be a sorceress. She won’t give back Sandra’s chicks without a fight!
  • The temple in Everton is having trouble collecting this month’s alms from the villagers. The priest has asked you to walk around the area, requesting the sacks of flour that are due. Some villagers will need to be intimidated or persuaded though, as they don’t seem to want to pay.
  • It’s the flower festival in Everton, and everyone is supposed to give out flowers. If you want to partake in the festival, you should walk around the village and participate in the flower exchange. There will be a reward for the person who has the most blossoms at the end of the day.
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