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Survive the visit to the Royal Treasury!

The dark of night has fallen over the land when you approach the Royal Treasury, shrouded in shadows. Your party’s rogue opens the door with his lockpick. The lock is complicated, but after a few attempts the path before you finally stands clear.

You remember the task – find the Goblet of Kings and bring the relic to the rich widow, Graciana, who has hired you to steal it. You don’t know what Graciana wants to do with the goblet or what motivated her to request the theft. All that matters to you is the coffer of gold she promised in exchange for the item.

You put the guards to sleep, and now you open the door to the treasury. The sight of gold piles galore welcomes you. Gems are scattered around as well, and two large coffers full of rubies, emeralds and sapphires stand by the walls. Amongst the riches are also magical artifacts such as elaborately engraved swords and maces. You whisper amongst yourselves: would it hurt to carry more than the goblet out of here? You decide you should at least stuff your pockets with as much gold as you can carry.

When you approach the nearest gold pile though, a sword, a hammer and an axe rise from the ground, pointing their sharp edges at you. The weapons are the real protectors of this place – they are alive! And they won’t just let you take anything without a fight.

Adventure Hooks

  • You go to the Royal Treasury on behalf of Graciana, a rich widow, who wants you to steal the Goblet of Kings. Once you’re inside, you witness a peculiar sight: the magical artifacts are living weapons, and they won’t let you get away without a fight.
  • King Lucius wants to move the Royal Treasury. While the task is not really one befitting adventurers, you accept the job of packing all the riches in bags and transporting them to the new building.
  • King Lucius wants you to pick your reward for the latest quest you’ve completed for him. You accompany him to the Royal Treasury where you see all manner of gold and artifacts. Picking just one item won’t be a simple task.
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