Hey everyone!

As we promised, the new update is live on Steam!

Important Info: Saved Maps from the previous update will not work on the new update and launching them will cause the application to crash.

Patch Notes:

  • repairing the save system (may still have minor bugs),
  • fixing the lighting in the Top Down view export,
  • making sure that the grid for Roll20 aligns better with the NED grid,
  • fixing the bug with truncated walls (in top-down view) in the export to Roll20,
  • fixing the banners that could not be aligned correctly,
  • fixing the objects protruding outside the dungeon,
  • making sure that the menu with text scrolls correctly, that the text fits, and that the scrolling text does not cause simultaneous camera scrolling in the dungeon,
  • making better movement of objects in Edit Mode
  • fixing objects generated on the same spot,
  • upgrading object graphics of crystal, bottle and chair,
  • fixing behavior of certain items,
  • fixing flickering grid,
  • repairing other minor bugs.


Spellarena Team

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