Shrine to the Angel of Peace

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Make a pilgrimage to the famous shrine where you can pray to the Angel of Peace!

The most famous deity of the land is the Angel of Peace, a being said to have ended the conflict between two warring kingdoms by descending from the sky and turning away both armies. After the miraculous event, called the Peaceful Battle at Mosdame, the Angel returned to the sky. In the place where he cast his Spell of Peace, a shrine was erected. That temple is now the destination of many pilgrimages.

Since some members of your party are religious, you decide to pay your respects to the Angel together. When you arrive at the shrine, some devotees are already sitting on the benches, awaiting the ceremony that is performed every hour at the statue of the Angel. You take your own seats and join them. Soon the priest comes, and the chanting starts. At the end of the ceremony, the Father blesses everyone with magic. You instantly feel a sense of peace come over you – a reminder of the time the Angel used a much stronger version of such a spell.

Even if you’re not a believer, the festivities are nice to watch. After the ceremony you go to a nearby tavern and eat a hearty meal, reminiscing with stories from your adventures. It’s good to take a break from hunting monsters and bandits every now and then.

Adventure Hooks

  • You come to the Shrine to the Angel of Peace to take part in the festivities. A priest blesses you with a Lesser Spell of Peace as a reminder of the magic the Angel used against the fighting armies at the Peaceful Battle at Mosdame. You feel like this ceremony is a delightful break from adventuring.
  • The Oasis at Mosdame hides the Shrine to the Angel of Peace, and you’re visiting the location today as a stop along your journey. A bunch of devotees are already gathered, but you approach the statue regardless. When you touch the holy monument, the ground shakes, and a voice booms from the sky, “Who dares disturb the sleep of the Angel of Peace?” Maybe putting your hands on the sculpture wasn’t such a good idea after all?
  • Pancratius, a scholar in the matters of the divine, wants to be brought to the ruins of Mosdame to investigate the forgotten Shrine to the Angel of Peace. On the way, he tells you the story of the Peaceful Battle of Mosdame. He’s a true chatterbox, so you’re glad when you finally arrive at your destination. However, it seems some cultists of the God of War have taken up residence in the ruins. Will you fight these heretics, or will you bargain with them for access to the shrine?
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