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Step into the fey mushroom portal and be transported into the land of tricks!

You’re traveling through the woods when you stumble upon a clearing with mushrooms in a circle. You’ve heard stories about the lands of fey where tricks and strange bargains are commonplace. You discuss amongst yourselves if you’d like to venture into those lands. The curiosity is too strong to ignore. You know the adventure may be dangerous. However, when have you been ever afraid of danger?

Holding hands you step inside the circle of mushrooms. A flash of white light momentarily blinds you and you feel a vortex pulling at you. Nausea hits you, but before the feeling becomes too strong to handle you reappear into a clearing. The place looks much the same as the one in your world, only that the trees are blue, pink and purple, and seem to shine brightly with inner light.

You step out of the circle, and look around, unsure of what to do. Just then a dozen pixies appear, sparkling glittering dust on you before they fly away. Strange. You leave the clearing wondering what you will find beyond it.

Adventure Hooks

  • You stumble upon a clearing in the woods with a portal to the land of fey. You decide to step through it and explore the land beyond.
  • Lorene, a researcher on the fey, tasks you with finding a portal to the feywild and escorting her through it. You look far and wide until you find a clearing with a circle of mushrooms.
  • You’re running away from enemies much too strong for you to handle, when you stumble upon a clearing with a strange circle of mushrooms. You step inside, and are transported into the land of fey. Your pursuit doesn’t follow but is being here a good thing?
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