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Beware while camping near the lake monster’s home!

You find a good camping spot by a lake. Little do you know that the waters are home to a fearsome monster. While you’re cooking dinner, the creature springs out of the lake! The monster’s body is shaped like a giant whale, with silver scales glistening in the light of the setting sun. The sight makes you both fearful and amazed.

The monster wends toward you, stopping before the water becomes too shallow. Even from this distance though, you see it has intelligent eyes filled with curiosity. The creature is just as surprised by your presence at the bank of the lake as you are by its appearance here. You decide to enter the waters and move closer, speaking to the whale in the common tongue. It doesn’t reply, but its eyes show understanding.

Soon one of your party becomes brave enough to sit on the whale’s fin. The creature takes you on a swim, diving below the water. The experience leaves you in awe. This moment makes you remember why you’re adventuring – it’s not all about the riches, it’s about the wonders too.

Adventure Hooks

  • You make camp by a lake which is home to a whale-like monster. You befriend the monster, spending time swimming underwater with it.
  • The monster from the lake disrupts your peaceful camping trip by attacking you. Will you fight it or run away in fear?
  • While traveling on the road to the capital you come across a group of merchants making camp by a lake. They have many interesting wares to browse, and they invite you to eat porridge with them while you look over their goods.
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