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Explore the underwater world of the beautiful coral reef!

One of your adventures takes you underwater in search of a shipwreck which houses a powerful artifact. Getting distracted from your quest isn’t easy though when you come across the area’s dazzlingly colorful coral reef. The beautiful structure teems with life as fishes and sea creatures swim around, hiding in the corals and foraging for food. You stop your adventure for a moment, taking in the gorgeous sight.

Suddenly your peace is interrupted when an enraged shark swims your way. Underwater combat is not your forte, but you’re too late to escape the creature. You prepare yourselves for a fight, hoping your mage’s powers will work underwater.

After defeating the shark, you resume your adventure, still hoping to find the treasure you seek.

Adventure Hooks

  • You come across a wonderful coral reef and stop to admire its beauty, but you are attacked by a vicious shark.
  • The Ring of the Far-Traveler is hidden somewhere in the coral reef. You need to explore the area to find the artifact.
  • Traveling in search of a powerful item in a shipwreck, you come across a dazzling coral reef. For some reason though, the reef is devoid of life. Your mage senses that powerful magic is at work here. Who could have placed such a curse on this beautiful reef, and for what reason?
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