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You think you’re in for a peaceful night, but when you awaken you find that the artifact you acquired on your last adventure is missing!

On your last adventure you gained a glorious artifact – the Crown of the Fallen King. Tonight you’ve been sitting by the fire, talking about how successful you were in the fight. After assigning who will be on watch at what hours, those of you not on duty yet lie down inside your tents. Somehow your sleep tonight is heavier, and in the morning you realize you didn’t rise for your watch. Your party’s rogue, who had first watch, wakes up in pain from a night spent in a sitting position while likewise sleeping deeply. The party’s mage determines a spell must have been cast on you.

The fact that your camp has been ransacked becomes apparent instantly. Your bags have been opened and discarded haphazardly. Rations lay scattered around in the grass. Your weapons have been carelessly thrown amongst them on the ground. Reality hits hardest though when, after a full inventory of the items that remain, you fail to find the artifact from your last adventure that you worked so hard to acquire. Whoever looted your camp must have come specifically seeking the crown.

Footsteps on the ground indicate the direction the thieves went, so you pack your belongings and head after them. There’s no other way to deal with the situation – you won’t stand for being robbed!

Adventure Hooks

  • The artifact you worked so hard to get has been stolen during the night, and your camp has been ransacked. You must find the person responsible!
  • During the night, goblins attack you – but in far greater numbers than usual. You run away to safety, but when you return you find your camp ransacked and some items missing. Getting revenge on the greenskins who robbed you will require a careful plan.
  • While traveling on the road you come across the ransacked camp of a group of villagers. They cry that they’ve lost their most prized heirloom to a group of bandits. They show you which way the thieves went. Will you get that artifact back for the miserable travelers?
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