Ruined Temple with a Tree

Explore the temple of the forgotten gods!
“I want you to protect me while I research the temple inside Lurin, a long-abandoned settlement in the middle of the Otolin Woods,” explains the scholar with a long white beard who wants to hire you for this new quest. You nod in agreement. After all, his request sounds simple enough.
You embark in the morning and spend the next few days locating the ruined town. Once there, the scholar takes particular interest in researching the temple. It’s been abandoned for so long that the vegetation has overgrown the building. A tree in the main room has even grown tall enough to pierce a hole in the roof overhead. Yet the statues of the gods remain surprisingly intact. You don’t recognize any of the depictions. These deities have been forgotten.
While you look around, some of the roots become animated and spring to attack you. You must protect the researcher as well as yourselves!
Adventure Hooks
  • You escort a researcher to a long-forgotten temple in an abandoned settlement. You explore until animated roots of the overgrown vegetation attack you.
  • While looking around inside a temple, you touch one of the statues which opens a passage in the floor. The secret entrance leads to some kind of catacombs. Are you brave enough to venture down there and see what enemies may lurk belowground?
  • A painter has asked to be escorted to the temple in Lurin to make sketches of the statues of the gods. However, vile shadows attack you once you’re inside – are these apparitions what remain of the priests that once served within this place?
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