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Battle the scarecrows near Peter’s farm!

“The scarecrows on my field have become animated. Please do something about them!” Peter, the owner of the farm, begs you to help him out. While the money he offers isn’t much, you can’t find it in yourself to refuse his desperate request.

You leave his small house and pass by the barn. To your left there’s a large apple orchard. From here, you can already see the scarecrows prancing around in the wheat field in the distance. You run up to face them. They don’t prove to be much of a challenge; more like a nuisance really. All in a day’s work.

After the fight, Peter invites you to partake in a hearty meal and apple cider. He asks you about your adventures, and you gladly tell him your stories.

“I unearthed this strange artifact the other day in my field. Ever since then, the scarecrows have been attacking.” The farmer shows you a piece of what seems to be a tablet.

This artifact could be a remnant of an ancient civilization, so you decide to take it to the capital for the researchers to study. Hopefully the release of the curse was just a one-time occurrence. You don’t want your items to become animated as well.

Adventure Hooks

  • The scarecrows in Peter’s field have become animated. The farmer asks you to take them down.
  • You help Peter out in the field where you find more pieces of the ancient tablet. Suddenly your weapons become animated and start attacking you.
  • A festival takes place at Peter’s farm. You let yourself have some time to relax after your adventures.
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