Mage Tower in the University of Magic

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Take a lesson at the University of Magic!

Your mage has decided that he would like to learn more about alchemy, and so he has applied to the University of Magic in the capital. You accompany him to a rounded Mage Tower to register for an alchemy class. While your friend takes the lesson on the ground floor, you venture to the second floor to browse the books in the library. The collection of tomes is vast, but most of them are incomprehensible to you. The texts are too advanced for your average adventurer who is not a wizard.

You decide to get some fresh air instead, so you go to the third floor. There, you witness a mage performing a summoning ritual. Some familiars have already been called forth and now sit in cages encircling the mage.

The magic flashes bright red, and this time the wizard screams. Instead of the baby gryphon he was trying to summon, a demon has come forth. This threat is a matter for you to handle  – you have to slay the fiend!

Adventure Hooks

  • You explore the University of Magic’s tower. On the top floor, a magic ritual goes wrong and you have to fight against a demon.
  • You are permitted to take part in the alchemy lesson. Though your mage carefully explains to you what to do, you decide today is the first and last time you’ll perform this sort of activity. Alchemy is far beyond your area of expertise.
  • The books in the library of the Mage Tower become animated and start attacking the students. You’re called on to help save the young mages.
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