Harbor City (Region Map)

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Save Tide’s End from being washed away by a giant wave!

Tide’s End may seem like a quaint, peaceful city with a robust port for trading exotic goods, but today it’s the epicenter of a crisis. A powerful wizard out at sea is chanting a dangerous spell meant to create a giant wave to wash away Tide’s End. The mayor begs you, a group of adventurers, to protect the settlement from the impending doom. In exchange he offers you a bag of gold coins.

Many of the citizens have already abandoned Tide’s End to seek refuge deeper inland. Enticed by the promise of the reward, however, you decide to stay. You board a ship and sail toward the wizard’s location, despite the dangers of the spell and the sea.

A battle starts between the ships as the wizard’s crew doesn’t want you to approach their master. Will you be able to defeat the villain and protect Tide’s End?

Adventure Hooks

  • A wizard wants to sink Tide’s End under a giant wave. The mayor asks you to protect the settlement in exchange for a reward, and you agree to his offer.
  • In a nearby cove, a group of merchants has been taken captive by the merfolk. You accept a quest to rescue them.
  • In the sewage system underneath Tide’s End a dangerous monster lurks. Many people have disappeared, and you’re tasked with getting rid of the menace.
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