Enchanted Garden Battle Map

Good Morning! For long time we have been thinking about map with..hmm..soul 🙂 And one day friend of ours send us this piece of text: „A garden with a poetic staircase to take guests wherever their imagination desires; an authentic place to stir the senses and feel immersed in each traveller’s tale, or to simply […]

Mage’s Tower Battle Map

Welcome to  wizard’s tower.  This is where young apprentices come to learn and master the art of magic, under the tutelage of senior mages. The map has 4 different floors to it, giving your players many different challenges along the way. Enjoy! For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing […]

Sleepy Village Battle Map

Good day ! What is most important about villages in RPG realm?  „Good villages will have at least one point of interest, and some will have several or more. Sometimes you can create an interesting village with no particular points of interest. Especially if you don’t want the party to waste 3 hours shopping around […]

Dragon’s Lair Battle Map

Every adventure must have its own monster. This time we present a map that you can use during the adventure with the mysterious monster. We designed a cave in which it hides. There is also a treasure there so it is probably a great, hungry and deadly dragon … Large map (30×30) as usual in […]

Temple of the Red Dragon Cult Battle Map

„…In Temple of the Red Dragon Cult, the characters are called in to pursue a dragon that the king’s army was able to wound but not kill. It seems straightforward enough: the army tracked the dragon to its lair, and all the characters have to do is go in and kill it. But this dragon […]

Fat Goblin Inn Battle Map

„From the outside it looks uncomfortable, nasty and crude. Sandstone bricks and huge, stone pillars make up most of the building’s outer structure. It’s near impossible to see through the stained glass windows, but the lack of joy from within can be felt outside…” So would you like to rest here for a while? 🙂 […]

Lava Bridge Battle Map

The pillars of the planet.  Close to earth’s core there is an ancient temple. Adventure awaits in the Underdark. This is 30×30 battlemap ready for use. For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that makes these maps possible:

Pirate’s Cove Battle Map

Arrr! Be aware Patrons! 🏴‍ This is special place for  sea robbers! This cove has a secret. Maybe a ghost ship?  Sunken treasure? Chest with cursed coins (notch, notch 😉 Stay safe and enjoy your cruise! This is 30×30 map with lots of exotic places to burry the treasure. Enjoy! PS Parrots are not included! For […]

The Mountain Pass Battle Map

Yay! Our very first post. Thanks for coming by our Patreon and checking it out! We would like to give you example of our work and why you should become our patron. We call this map „The Mountain Pass”. It is a large map (30×30) and could be perfect place wherer your party fight epic battle […]

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