Flooded Ancient Ruins Battle Map

Ancient city. The capital of a powerful civilization. A place of worship for many gods and trade for the whole land. One day, the volcanic eruption led to the formation of a powerful wave that swept across the land. The city was destroyed.  The ruins that can sometimes be seen through the mist of fog […]

Dragon’s Lair Battle Map

Every adventure must have its own monster. This time we present a map that you can use during the adventure with the mysterious monster. We designed a cave in which it hides. There is also a treasure there so it is probably a great, hungry and deadly dragon! Large map (30×30) as usual in two […]

Camp Near The Cliff Battle Map

Lone travelers in the mountains. Tired of traveling, they decide to set up camp at the foot of the mountain. Wild nature and silence around them. Is there any danger around? We’ve created three versions – night, day and outline (PNG / PDF).  In total, you will find 10 files in this map pack. This […]

Entrance to The Mine Battle Map

Snowy wasteland. Once a powerful and now abandoned dwarven stronghold. Some enormous and evil power has invaded her. Will there be a daredevil who finds out what these ruins hide? By creating this map, we wanted to give players and the game master the opportunity to play the campaign in a little more space than […]

Ambush Battle Map

Dense forest, broken cart, fallen tree trunk. What happened here? Where are the travelers? Where are the bodies? What is hidden in the dark around this place? This battlemap has a size of 30×30 and a resolution of 3500x3500px. As usual, you will receive it in two versions – day and night. For exclusive map […]

Ship Aground Battle Map

The team moves in the woods. Suddenly they see a huge ship in front of me stuck in the middle of the river. What happened exactly? Is there a crew on board? Why did such a ship get here? Thousands of questions appear in the players’ heads … As usual, I have several versions of […]

Small Village Square Battle Map

Our next huge (30×30) battlemap. Two versions (night & day) and with grid and gridless option. You can kickstart your campaign with this quiet and cosy map or end with epic battle. Choice is yours dear DM 🙂 For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that makes these […]

Demon Temple Map Battle Map

This month we would like to move to the surface with your adventures. Welcome to the demon temple where ancient evil lives. Thanks to this map, the Game Master will be able to show his players the fight against dark forces in a large area (30×30). What else can you show or describe to your […]

Dwarven Throne Hall Battle Map

Abandoned throne hall. What happened here? What story could tell these walls? How many feasts were held here and what great stories were shared? Once, the proud royal family of dwarves built and populated these rooms – what happened to him? Such questions may be asked by the team that will visit this room. And […]

Cromlech On a Hanging Rock Battle Map

An ancient place where druids gathered to perform their ceremonies. High in the mountains, separated from the rest of the world… * a cromlech, cromleh or cromlêh is a megalithic altar-tomb, made of rough stone. For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that makes these maps possible:

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