Autumn Swamp

Greetings folks! Mist shrouds a swamp hidden deep in the middle of the woods. Although the autumn colors give the place a mellow expression, the travelers need to stay cautious. Hardly anyone managed to return from the swamp to tell their story. Those who succeeded were left with only madness in their eyes and slurred […]

Dusty Road

Greetings folks! Travelers beware. The steep cliff-like mountains are treacherous, and many have fallen to their death. The brutal sun is blinding, and unexpected sandstorms make navigation quite tricky. Vultures circle overhead waiting for travelers who have come to meet their end. Although the dusty road seems abandoned at first, many travelers have been ambushed […]

Twisted River

Greetings folks! Twisted River is famous for its twists and turns. The water streams change drastically, so no place in the river is safe to cross by foot. Once upon a time, it was a popular trade route, but a colossal warship blocked it after the Great War. Despite the enormous financial losses, no one […]

Druid Circle

Greetings folks! Deep down in the Lowerdark, after traversing countless tunnels, a druidic circle can be found. Getting here isn’t easy; the path seems to constantly change, and you always feel the eyes on your back. Although it appears to emanate its own mystic charming glow, the air here feels heavy and stale, revealing dark […]

Dried Groves

Greetings folks! The sandy wind hurtles through dried-up trees, singing the song of an ancient forest. It is rumored that long ago, this place was a woods full of greenery. But, now, those days are long gone, and all that is left is the drought, dust, and scorching air. The unforgiving environment makes it a […]

Glacial Pond

Greetings, folks! Among the cold mountains lies a frozen pond. Traveling through the lands, you may hear many stories about this place. The chilly wind blows harshly through the trees, and cold bites your bones. Despite unwelcoming environment, you can feel that this place has many secrets yet to be discovered. The pond attracts many […]

Forest Camp

  Greeting folks! Setting up camp by a forest road is the perfect place for weary travelers to rest. After all these epic adventures and hardships along the way, even heroes deserve a moment to catch a breath. The peace of the forest gives a feeling of safety. The nearby road isn’t frequently used. But […]

The Grand Cathedral

Hello, folks! As the daily mass is getting closer and closer the colorful light, passing through the stained glass, leisurely enters the quiet and lofty Grand Cathedral. This huge building is not only a respite for the humble believers, ready to worship their gods, but also a splendid work of art and architecture. The main […]

Bount Hunter Encampment

Get this map on our Patreon Greetings folks! A melancholic, singing voice is cutting the cold, freezing air and invites you to the Bounty Hunters Camp. This company is very professional and well-stocked, so they travel in sturdy, massive wagons, that work as their homes, defenses, and means of travel. When they camp they build […]

Crystal Cavern

Greetings, adventurers! In the calmness of the underground lies a place of a truly enchanting nature – the Crystal Cave. This whimsical grotto is mostly made up of giant crystals, turning any light that strikes them into a subtle and poetic spectacle of reflections. The origin of the cave is not known, but it is […]

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