Carcass Of The Last Titan

Hello, adventurers! This week we created a map called the „Carcass of the Last Titan”. A giant creature, made its last stand near a river in a calm valley… The map could be a great place to settle up a camp or have a little skirmish with those, who might have already found this place. […]

Planar Gate

Hello, folks! This week’s (FREE) map is the Planar Gate. This insane rift to another dimension is a dangerous and glitchy place, so better watch out. The map is designed as an arena for the climax of an adventure; it will most certainly be a memorable place. Prepare your finest potions, sharpen your weapons and […]

Adventurers Guildhouse

Greetings, travellers! This week we mapped for you and Adventurers Guildhouse. This glorious building serves as quarters, vault, armoury and home for a local adventurers guild. The map will come in handy if PCs joined any adventuring guild or, if their moral compass is less pure it can serve as a blueprint for a heist. […]

Kobold Nest

Hello everyone! This week’s map is the Kobold Nest. Winding tunnels of this big complex are littered with bones, trinkets and traps. The map is suited for a classic dungeon crawling session and its architecture should provide many interesting encounters. The kobolds are strong. The kobolds are wild. The kobolds are united. But only in […]

Crossroad Shrine

Hello folks! This week we want to present you our last (and FREE) map this month – the Crossroads Shrine. It’s a small, cosy shrine, resting amidst lush and vast fields. The map might serve both as a location for a skirmish or a vital place in story, revolving around certain god. Close your eyes […]

Lonely Outpost

Greetings, adventurers! This week’s map is the Lonely Outpost. The slender yet powerful bastion acts both as a watchtower and a keep, protecting the kingdom from shadows, creeping in the wilderness. The map might be a great place for an encounter, focused on exploiting the advantages of the terrain, or even as the PC base. […]

Hill of the Dead

Hello everyone! This week’s map is the Hill of the Dead. This mysterious location will certainly give you some chills, as you climb up the doomed mound. The map might serve well as a boss arena, place for a mournful and dramatic scene or anything in between. The night is dark, the ground is cold […]

Ancient Temple

Welcome, everyone! This week’s map is the Ancient Temple. This beautiful and harmonious building is a place of peaceful worship and growth… Unless someone would try to change it. The map may be a good space for a safer, more social encounter, or an ambush during a religious ceremony. Blend into the crowd of robe-wearing […]

Elven Ruins

Hello everyone! This week we present you the Elven Ruins map. This charming and mysterious location, echoing with the past will surely awaken your imagination. The ruins will be a perfect spot for an exploration session, concerning the passage of time and tales of the past. Take good shoes, empty notebook, and, just for safety, […]

Hell’s Labirynth [Free]

Welcome to the New Year! We hope that 2021 will be a better year and we will all have more time to roll some dice! This week we present to you the Hell’s Labyrinth. This epic, twisting dungeon could be a grand arena for epic battles or become a disturbing and incomprehensible maze. On the […]

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