Survive the visit to the Royal Treasury! The dark of night has fallen over the land when you approach the Royal Treasury, shrouded in shadows. Your party’s rogue opens the door with his lockpick. The lock is complicated, but after a few attempts the path before you finally stands clear. You remember the task – […]

Village (Region Map)

Solve the case of the missing chickens! “My chickens have gone missing,” an elderly villager calls out to your party as you enter Everton, a quaint village by the road to Blackwoode. There’s an inn to your left and a temple to your right. In front of the temple stands a priest along with the […]

Sanctuary of the Three Animal Protectors

Pray in the Shrine of the Three Animal Gods! A strange wizard who goes by the name of Alexander has asked you to visit the Sanctuary of the Three Animal Protectors and read out loud the words he has written down on a piece of paper. The quest is a strange one, but well-paid, so […]

The Siege

Provide help in the siege of Omerta! Being an adventurer isn’t far off from being a sell-sword at times. When a new opportunity to earn a lot of gold comes along, you decide it’s not beneath you to accept and help King Grumil the Third in his siege of Omerta – an impenetrable fort in […]

Islands in the Sky

Venture to the Flying Lands of Halulil in search of an ingredient for a love potion! You always thought of yourself as adventurers with your feet firmly planted on the ground, but one day you find yourselves having to board an airship. You ascend far into the sky until you arrive at what is known […]

A Town Built into the Mountainside

Steal the Ring of the Golden Eye from the house of the mayor of Whiteve! Whiteve is an unusual town built right next to a steep cliff wall of the Bloodstone Mountain. The town was designed by both dwarves and humans, and is located in the middle of the Ferlon Desert. The buildings are erected […]

Dwarven Silver Mine

One of the dwarven miners vanishes, and you’re tasked with investigating this mysterious disappearance. Near Blackwoode is a silver mine operated by dwarves. The foreman asks you to investigate the sudden disappearance of one of his workers. The mine is small; there’s only one chamber where six dwarves sleep and a room for supplies. Off […]


Take care of the imp infestation inside of the watermill! The miller from the watermill by Alderly has asked you to help him with a critical problem. A portal to Hell has opened in his orchard, and his mill has been overrun by demonic creatures. Last he saw, a bunch of imps were jumping around […]

Stone Bridge

Face the troll taking a toll on the bridge! You’re not far from Whiteve, the town where your current quest giver lives, when you come across a shortcut that would save you an hour of walking. It’s a bridge connecting the two banks of a quickly-flowing river. However, crossing proves more difficult than you first […]

Ruins of a Library

The forest has been trying to reclaim the ruins of a library, but wonders can still be found within its ancient walls! “Years ago, the Library of Petra Trenese was frequently visited by everyone who wanted to broaden their knowledge on magical subjects.” Lauren, your current employer, gives you the story behind the location where […]

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