Traveling Magic Caravan Battle Map

Hi folks!  This time we made the „Traveling Magic Caravan” (23×18), a simple map for some classic D&D 5e campaing like „Curse of Strahd”.  A group of travellers whose magic caravan sometimes appears in surprising places. Strange phenomena accompanying their appearance.  Who travels in these caravans? Why can you see a strange ball of light […]

Giant Watchtower Battle Map

Hi everyone! New month, new map: „Giant Watchtower” [25×38] is the map that we present to you first in October. A tall watchtower built in a remote area, far from human settlements and cities. A fortress where soldiers sleep, guard and detain prisoners. A place which has its puzzles, secret passages and gloomy secrets… „Giant […]

Viking Longhouse Battle Map, a Collaboration with Adventure Music [FREE]

Hi! This week we have something special for you! Last free map this month „Viking Longhouse” [38×30] and our first ever collaboration! Music track by Adventure Music (we highly recommend visiting their Patreon account).  Feel free to download map and music and use as a background for your next session!  „Look at this old house. […]

Town Market Battle Map

Hi! We present you a new map „Town Market” [30×38]. Another map for which you cast your votes, namely its square. You have a lot of options to choose from and you can use this map to create a great adventure in the city. „Town Market” map has 32 variants and 60  assets (optimized for […]

Church Catacombs Battle Map

Hello everyone! This week’s map is the Church Catacombs [30×38]. This map is ideal for guiding the adventure with the mysterious church in whose basement a mysterious force lives… Large space, places for ambushes and traps. We hope that they will have fun and some of you will survive! „Church Catacombs” map has 16 variants […]

Temple Roots Battle Map

Hi everyone! This week’s map „Temple Roots” [36×30] is special one. Today we present a map with the temple located in a remote forest. Its entrance is guarded by ancient trees, whose roots are as old as the gods and remember the beginning of the universe… „Temple Roots” map has 20 variants of the map […]

Crashed Airship Battle Map

Hi everyone! This week’s map is „Crashed Airship” [38×30]. Maybe you can use this crash map for a session for a Spelljammer, Eberron, or maybe steampunk adventures. Apart from 22 versions of the map we have 35 airship assets, optimized for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or image editor of your choice. PS Please remember that the […]

Wilderness Map Bundle

Welcome everyone! At the beginning of the month we want to present you something new – a free (that means we don’t charge for it) package of maps related to a common theme. You will find there 3 maps and their variants. We are very curious about your opinion – do you like this kind […]

Herbalist Garden Battle Map

Hello folks, this week’s map is the Herbalist Garden [38×30], another of the top choices from the last poll! This map has 22 variants and 42 assets (ready to use on Roll20, Foundry VTT or other Virtual Tabletop). Please remember that the number of maps, their variants differ from tiers. You want to get more […]

Infested Crypt Battlemap

Hello everyone, this week’s map is the „Infested Crypt” [38×30] . Today we are presenting you a map ideal for an adventure under the surface, somewhere where the mystery and evil creatures lurk. „Infested Crypt” has 10 variants and 25 assets (ready to use on Roll20, Foundry VTT or other Virtual Tabletop).  Please remember that […]

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