Deep Gnome Underdark Hamlet

Hello Patrons! The map for today is the Deep Gnome Hamlet. Tinkering, mining and then trading is what lets this minute settlement develop and thrive, despite the lack of any major food sources. Small, stone houses, hanging at the edge of an endless hole are home to a somber, but the hard-working tribe of deep […]

(free map) Icy Cavern

Greetings! Our last (free) map for this month is the cold and uninviting Icy Cavern. This cave, located in the deep north has been a refuge for lost souls for many years, so it’s filled with traces of their sojourn. Despite the apparent influence of guests, the grand, icy pillars, mighty arching bridge, and deep […]

The Morning Ship Star

Hello everyone! This week we’ll sail away on the Morning Star Ship! This flying wonder is one of the sharpest and fastest airships in the world. It’s unique sails let it reach unbelievable speed with no effort, so it usually transports the finest and most important of deliveries. The map will definitely suit just perfectly […]

Gamblers Den

Gamblers Den – buy on Patreon! Welcome travellers! This weeks map is the Gamblers Den. Soft mandolin music lures innocent souls under the ground. It’s doom to their gold reserves, for not a single soul has come out from the Den with their sacks full. The map will work great as an arena for a […]

Elemental Mountain

Hello everyone! Our map for this week is the Elemental Mountain. This chaotic, unpredictable and certainly dangerous place is one of it’s kind, as it’s the only location in the world where all four elemental planes manifest their wild energies. From far away the struggling forces can be seen on the mountain peak, creating a […]

(free map) Lair Of The Swamp Beast

Greetings, adventurers! This week we present to you the Lair of the Swamp Beast (free map). The old, dark bog, filled with murky water and decreasing corpses is also home to a terrible beast, living amidst it’s treacherous isles. Everything in the swamp can be dangerous – from unstable and makeshift bridges, through wild fauna […]

Remants Of The Lost Civilisation

Hello everyone! Our map for this week is the Remnants of the Lost Civilization. The sand-stricken walls of the long-forgotten realm nowadays lay open for those brave enough to cross them. The history of the civilization must have been a twisted one, as in the middle of the district lies a fallen floating island. What […]

Hag’s House

Hag’s House Greetings, adventurers! This week we present to you the Hag’s House (FREE map). The legendary and unfamous location is said to be changing its location every night. The map was created with a boss fight in mind, although non-combat encounters may also work great! In the stillness of the bog there is always […]

Shanty Town

Howdy! This weeks map is Shanty Town. This peculiar map has a bit of grit in its tone and will certainly be something different. It should be a perfect setup for a chase or a bigger skirmish with the local gangs. Step into the twisting alleys, meet the locals, explore the customs and most importantly […]

Carcass Of The Last Titan

Hello, adventurers! This week we created a map called the „Carcass of the Last Titan”. A giant creature, made its last stand near a river in a calm valley… The map could be a great place to settle up a camp or have a little skirmish with those, who might have already found this place. […]

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