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The Grand Cathedral

Hello, folks! As the daily mass is getting closer and closer the colorful light, passing through the stained glass, leisurely enters the quiet and lofty Grand Cathedral. This huge building is not only a respite for the humble believers, ready to worship their gods, but also a splendid work of art and architecture. The main […]

Bount Hunter Encampment

Get this map on our Patreon Greetings folks! A melancholic, singing voice is cutting the cold, freezing air and invites you to the Bounty Hunters Camp. This company is very professional and well-stocked, so they travel in sturdy, massive wagons, that work as their homes, defenses, and means of travel. When they camp they build […]

Crystal Cavern

Greetings, adventurers! In the calmness of the underground lies a place of a truly enchanting nature – the Crystal Cave. This whimsical grotto is mostly made up of giant crystals, turning any light that strikes them into a subtle and poetic spectacle of reflections. The origin of the cave is not known, but it is […]

Ruins in the Forest

Ruins In The Forest Greetings, adventurers! In the green woods, there stands an old, dilapidated ruin, guarded by the bandits, controlling the Forest Path. This location looks peaceful and tranquil at first sight, but it can be more than deceiving, as this wooded hill can become a deadly trap in no time in skillful hands. […]

Town Shops

Hello, everyone! This week we present you with something really special – the Town Shops Pack! At some point, every adventuring party needs to restock their inventories in a city or a village. So, as at one point or another, they will visit a shop, we gladly provide you with five maps of such locations! […]

Lake of Spirits

Greetings, adventurers! Gentle sounds of the crickets fill the humid air, circulating around the Lakeside. Although the scenery might seem peaceful and calm at first sight further examination will probably reveal more dreadful truth about the location. After all, no one really knows what is hidden in the profound and dark depths of the ancient […]

Artifacts Factory

Hey, folks! In the puffs of steam, mixed with a strong scent of magic we invite you to the Artifacts Factory. This massive building is one of its kind, as it’s the only place producing real, magical artifacts on a commercial scale. Anyone, who has mastered their craft, is welcome here – tinkers, woodworkers, mages, […]

Underwater Statue

Hello, folks! This week we dive deep into the mesmerising and mysterious bodies of water, so come and join us In the Depths! Greenish, disturbing light illuminates the sandy bottom, mighty fish swim all around and the pressure of the liquid above is just immense. The tension seems to grow around the mysterious runestone in […]

Oriental Manor

Greetings, travellers! As the pink leaves are gently twirling in the wind outside a rich scent of tea can be smelled in the hallways of the Feudal Lord’s Manor. The map consists of two, atmospheric buildings – a small, cosy bakery, contrasted with the splendid manor. The Eastern vibe of this place will certainly be […]

Tranquil Road

Greetings, travellers, treading on the ever-sleeping cobblestones of the Tranquil Road. The dreamy landscape, a moody glimmer of the street lamps and vivid colours of the trees, accompanied with subtle architecture will definitely let the party enjoy the rare moments of peace… Or will they just fool their senses and become a place of a […]

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