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Never Ending Dungeon: November’s second update!

Hey! First of all, you can see the top-down test view, which is probably the most important for you, from the perspective of future Never Ending Dungeon users. I hope you enjoy it! Let’s start today’s update with the progress of the graphics. The video below shows some of the assets already uploaded to the […]

Never Ending Dungeon: First November Update!

  Hey! I’m happy to welcome you to the first update of November. A slight two-day delay, but we’re trying to maintain a two-week update pace! Two more people have joined the team – Zu, who is a concept artist and experienced Game Master and will be setting the artistic tone for the map generation […]

Never Ending Dungeon: First October Update!

Hey! We’re sending out our first update for October. From now on, we plan to send you highlights and progress graphics every two weeks. Soon, we will also invite you to our updated Discord. We are also launching a Steam tab. Currently, we are working mainly on two aspects of the project. The first one […]

Never Ending Dungeon: First development update!

Hey! We’re back with more news because we have a lot going on and I’m sure you’re curious what next steps we’ll take and what we’re currently working on. We’ve been thinking about it for a long time, working out what to include in it, discussing, and then preparing the campaign to best show you […]

Old Ranger Castle

Greetings folks! „Old Ranger Castle” is the last map of November’s Theme Castle. Now you and your party can run a complete castle session and explore every nook and cranny! Adventure hooks: For your outstanding achievements, you were given a castle as a reward! Only no one mentioned that it was cursed. Every few weeks, […]

Castle Hallway

Greetings folks! As you travel through the castle hallways, you can encounter the royal family, guards, and servants. The laters usually have some rumors to spare. ¬†Whispers will accompany you frequently as you travel through the castle. Listen closely; you may learn something interesting. Adventure hooks: A Knight Armor statue in the hallway started walking […]

Dining Hall

Greetings folks! A good meal and drink will give you the strength to continue your journey. You may also hear exciting information from other diners. They always seem to overshare after a couple of drinks. Adventure hooks: A man is lying with his head down at the table. After someone tries to wake him up, […]

Castle Bridge

Greetings folks! The entrance to the castle. Always guarded by the best of the best of royal guards. No one will go unnoticed. So if you have any shady business, you better watch out! Adventure hooks: You are part of the royal guard and are on night watch on a bridge. You notice a small […]

Royal Tomb

Greetings folks! A place where the ancient Kings and Queens rest. The dead are not always gone forever. Adventure hooks: A Necromancer broke into the castle tomb and started to raise the late Kings back alive. He is planning to do the ultimate King’s battle. A Royal Staff whispers that the Queen is spending a […]

Royal Courtyard

Greetings folks! The royal courtyard is bustling with life. Every day hundreds of people from different corners of the kingdom pour through it. Merchants, brads, spies, and many more and less dangerous types. Adventure hooks: The courtyard is crowded. You try to get out quickly from the castle square with the queen’s stolen jewelry. At […]

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