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Harbor City (Region Map)

Save Tide’s End from being washed away by a giant wave! Tide’s End may seem like a quaint, peaceful city with a robust port for trading exotic goods, but today it’s the epicenter of a crisis. A powerful wizard out at sea is chanting a dangerous spell meant to create a giant wave to wash […]

Mage Tower in the University of Magic

Take a lesson at the University of Magic! Your mage has decided that he would like to learn more about alchemy, and so he has applied to the University of Magic in the capital. You accompany him to a rounded Mage Tower to register for an alchemy class. While your friend takes the lesson on […]


Battle the scarecrows near Peter’s farm! “The scarecrows on my field have become animated. Please do something about them!” Peter, the owner of the farm, begs you to help him out. While the money he offers isn’t much, you can’t find it in yourself to refuse his desperate request. You leave his small house and […]

Ruined Temple with a Tree

Explore the temple of the forgotten gods! “I want you to protect me while I research the temple inside Lurin, a long-abandoned settlement in the middle of the Otolin Woods,” explains the scholar with a long white beard who wants to hire you for this new quest. You nod in agreement. After all, his request […]

January Update!

Hey everyone! Over the last few days, we’ve been getting inquiries from you guys about the Open Gaming License – how and if it will affect NED. Let’s start with this – What is the Open Gaming License? The Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License (OGL) is a legal instrument that allows third parties to […]

Ransacked Camp

  You think you’re in for a peaceful night, but when you awaken you find that the artifact you acquired on your last adventure is missing! On your last adventure you gained a glorious artifact – the Crown of the Fallen King. Tonight you’ve been sitting by the fire, talking about how successful you were […]

Coral Reef

Explore the underwater world of the beautiful coral reef! One of your adventures takes you underwater in search of a shipwreck which houses a powerful artifact. Getting distracted from your quest isn’t easy though when you come across the area’s dazzlingly colorful coral reef. The beautiful structure teems with life as fishes and sea creatures […]

A Camp by the Lake

Beware while camping near the lake monster’s home! You find a good camping spot by a lake. Little do you know that the waters are home to a fearsome monster. While you’re cooking dinner, the creature springs out of the lake! The monster’s body is shaped like a giant whale, with silver scales glistening in […]

Special Update – Big News!

Dear backers, We have some amazing news to share with you today! The Never Ending Dungeon project has received approval for a grant from the Polish National Centre for Research and Development for the development of AI. This grant is worth 1,000,000$, which means that our team will be expanding to over 20 people and […]

Fey Mushroom Portal

Step into the fey mushroom portal and be transported into the land of tricks! You’re traveling through the woods when you stumble upon a clearing with mushrooms in a circle. You’ve heard stories about the lands of fey where tricks and strange bargains are commonplace. You discuss amongst yourselves if you’d like to venture into […]

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