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Elven Ruins

Hello everyone! This week we present you the Elven Ruins map. This charming and mysterious location, echoing with the past will surely awaken your imagination. The ruins will be a perfect spot for an exploration session, concerning the passage of time and tales of the past. Take good shoes, empty notebook, and, just for safety, […]

Hell’s Labirynth [Free]

Welcome to the New Year! We hope that 2021 will be a better year and we will all have more time to roll some dice! This week we present to you the Hell’s Labyrinth. This epic, twisting dungeon could be a grand arena for epic battles or become a disturbing and incomprehensible maze. On the […]

Necromancer Hideout

Hello everyone! The map for this week is the Necromancer’s Hideout. The spooky environment should be a perfect scenery for a horror-themed scenario but might also work for an investigation session or even a grand boss fight sequence. Creep in the mists towards the forgotten cemetery, hidden in the woods. Admire ancient tombs, uncover long-lost […]

Lunatic Asylum

Hello everyone! We present to you „Lunatic Asylum”. This uncanny place, echoing with the past may be a great stage for a creepy and disturbing session. No one knows what is hiding behind the closed doors of the Lunatic Asylum. Legend has it that, even nowadays, over a century after it’s closing something is lurking […]

Fortress Bridge

Hello everyone! This week’s map is the Fortress Bridge. This majestic bridge should work very well for siege sessions. Alternatively, it could be a great place for a stealth mission. If you are coming back form an epic journey, fighting a dramatic battle or trying to sneak into a well-guarded castle there is a great […]

Fire Temple [FREE]

Hi folks! Our FREE map this week is the Fire Temple. This small, yet mysterious building will certainly be a great place for final boss fight or a desperate defensive action. Squatting in the arms of the Firepeak temple of the flames has been an important religious centre for a long time. Feel the heat […]

Dwarven Gold Mine

Hello everyone! This week’s map is the Dwarven Gold Mine. The map is well suited for your standard dungeon-crawling or an expedition game session. Discover the gem of the mountains, delve into the darkness to explore the extensive net of tunnels, but beware, because no one knows what lies in the roots of the world. […]

Ruined Vampire Castle [Free]

This month last FREE map – old, ruined castle inhabited by a monster drinking blood. The lord of the castle appears here every night and in the moonlight drinks life from his victims. „Ruined Vampire Castle” [25×38] has 9 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions) and 20 assets (ready for Roll20, […]

Thieves Guild Hideout

This week’s map is the „Thieves Guild Hideout” a multi-level map with many levels for adventures where sneaking and reconnaissance missions count. A hideout for local hoodlums who use boats to smuggle forbidden goods. At first glance – a normal inn, but if you go down to the basement and find an elevator to the […]

Mysterious Isolated Farm

Hi everyone! A mysterious settlement, cut off from the world, where mysterious phenomena took place. Is it a matter of graves or crops located nearby? Will the team have the courage to discover the secret of this seemingly peaceful farm? „Mysterious Isolated Farm” [30×38] has 28 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF […]

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