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Mountain Stronghold Ruins

Greetings folks! Once a place watching over the peace between the people of humans and dwarves, now an abandoned ruin. Mountain Stronghold is badly damaged, robbed of all valuables, and overgrown by vines and weeds. After the war, everyone has forgotten about this very place, and its only visitors are cold mountain winds. „Mountain Ruins” […]

Snowy Fortress Bridge

Greetings folks!  This month we invite you to Mountain Fortresses, and we start with the entrance – the bridge. „Snowy Fortress Bridge” is a first map of May’s Mountain Fortresses theme. During May and the beginning of June, our patrons will receive access to different maps of locations in the Mountain Fortresses. With this month’s set […]

May Update!

Hello everyone! To start, a few words from the founders:  As you can see, we are behind schedule on the project. This is caused both by the health problems of the team members (as you probably remember, at the beginning of the year, most of our team had COVID), and by the fact that combining […]

St Athuneya Church

Greetings folks! St Athuneya Church is where all are welcome, no matter your past, present, or future. Anyone is welcome to explore the teachings and attend the sermons and rituals. Some of the people go there, hoping to find the answer of their secret prayers. „St Athuneya Church ” is a map of April’s Town […]

Meliland Port

Greetings folks! Can you feel the breath of sea air? Welcome to the Port!  It’s rumored that the Pirate King once resided here, but the locals deny it. Still, if you look some of the fishermans in the eyes they seem a little bit dangerous. Maybe the Pirate King is hiding among them. „Meliland Port” […]

Ales 'n Beds Tavern

Greetings folks! The tavern is the center of the town’s social life. Every Wednesday night, all the townspeople gather here. All you hear in the tavern is a rather dull everyday business… until you start drawing out the right people. „Ales 'n Beds Tavern” is a map of April’s Town theme. During April, our patrons will receive […]

Town Hall

Greetings folks! New month, new theme! This time we invite you to a small town. We hope that you will be able to discover all its secrets and your team will have a nice time here 🙂 „Town Hall” is a first map of April’s Town theme. During April, our patrons will receive access to different town […]

April Update!

Hello everyone! Nice to see you guys before Easter. We’ve got another dungeon news update and a new NED video for you. In this video, you can see the dungeon generation in the almost final version. Ahead of us is integrating adventure generation, editing the map already after generation, adding NPCs, monsters, traps, and exporting […]

Graveyard’s Catacombs

Greetings folks! The Cursed Graveyard always had an unsettling feeling, but you never would imagine what lies underneath. Hidden deep underground, this bloody tomb was once overrun with a horde of flesh-hungry undead. „Graveyard’s Catacombs” is the last map of March’s Abandoned Mansion theme. Now, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in […]

Cursed Graveyard

Greetings folks! Do you feel the shivers down your spine? Rumor has it that necromantic rituals were performed hundreds of years ago in this graveyard. Some stray souls still find no peace and are bound to the Cursed Graveyard for eternity. „Cursed Graveyard” is a map of March’s Abandoned Mansion theme. During March, our patrons will […]

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