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December Update

Hi everyone! Welcome to the last update of this year! To start, we want to share something we are super proud of – the new trailer for Never Ending Dungeon! The old video doesn’t  reflect what NED currently is and what our plans are for the future. A lot has changed and so we updated the trailer; […]


Catch the thieves in the narrow alleyways of Blissborne! Today your task is to catch the group of thieves who have stolen the Goblet of Kings from King Lucius’ Royal Treasury. Your search takes you to Blissborne’s commoner district. You walk through the alleyways, looking left and right, trying to spot the person you were […]

First Tech Alpha Update!

Hey everyone! As we promised, the new update is live on Steam! Important Info: Saved Maps from the previous update will not work on the new update and launching them will cause the application to crash. Patch Notes: repairing the save system (may still have minor bugs), fixing the lighting in the Top Down view […]

Shrine to the Angel of Peace

Make a pilgrimage to the famous shrine where you can pray to the Angel of Peace! The most famous deity of the land is the Angel of Peace, a being said to have ended the conflict between two warring kingdoms by descending from the sky and turning away both armies. After the miraculous event, called […]


Survive the visit to the Royal Treasury! The dark of night has fallen over the land when you approach the Royal Treasury, shrouded in shadows. Your party’s rogue opens the door with his lockpick. The lock is complicated, but after a few attempts the path before you finally stands clear. You remember the task – […]

November Update!

Hey everyone! We are back with another update. After the Tech Alpha was released, your response exceeded our wildest expectations. Thanks to everyone who shared their feelings and thoughts with us on Discord! We took your feedback and the bugs you reported to heart and started working on the first update to the Tech Alpha. We plan […]

Village (Region Map)

Solve the case of the missing chickens! “My chickens have gone missing,” an elderly villager calls out to your party as you enter Everton, a quaint village by the road to Blackwoode. There’s an inn to your left and a temple to your right. In front of the temple stands a priest along with the […]

Sanctuary of the Three Animal Protectors

Pray in the Shrine of the Three Animal Gods! A strange wizard who goes by the name of Alexander has asked you to visit the Sanctuary of the Three Animal Protectors and read out loud the words he has written down on a piece of paper. The quest is a strange one, but well-paid, so […]

The Siege

Provide help in the siege of Omerta! Being an adventurer isn’t far off from being a sell-sword at times. When a new opportunity to earn a lot of gold comes along, you decide it’s not beneath you to accept and help King Grumil the Third in his siege of Omerta – an impenetrable fort in […]

Islands in the Sky

Venture to the Flying Lands of Halulil in search of an ingredient for a love potion! You always thought of yourself as adventurers with your feet firmly planted on the ground, but one day you find yourselves having to board an airship. You ascend far into the sky until you arrive at what is known […]

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