Fort Construction Battle Map

A lonely fort in the forest built by a small group of settlers. They must be afraid of something because they grubbed up the trees around the palisade and look out for intruders at night. Every guard is a guard challenge – people complain that they hear strange voices and sometimes also see fires burning […]

Wizards’s Secret Workshop Battle Map

Hello adventureres! Every decent wizard must have a secret laboratory in which he will conduct experiments (sometimes not completely legal) and accumulate knowledge.  You have a plan of such a secret laboratory in front of you.  There is a hidden room in it where certainly no one without the knowledge of the magician should not […]

The Ruins Of The Village Battle Map

What happened in this once peaceful village? What misfortune hit its inhabitants? Why were all the houses burned down? What happened to the residents themselves? It’s the perfect start to your new campaign. Let’s roll the dice! This map is big (30×30) and 3500x3500px with two versions: night and day (and optimized for Roll20). For […]

Caverns of Underworld Battle Map

We’re proud to present out Underworld map. There are many adventures and monsters lurking in the Underworld. Will you find the courage to lead an adventure for your players? This map is big (30×30) and 3500x3500px (and optimized for Roll20) For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that […]

Crossing The River Battle Map

Hello everyone! This week’s map is Crossing The River.  Calm water, narrow stream – the perfect place to cross a river. Is it possible that bandits or monsters are lurking around? Maybe someone hid behind a wall or between trees? We leave the explanation of this puzzle to the DM and his players.   This map […]

The Fighting Pit Battle Map

“The fighting pits are huge circular arenas in the slaving cities of Astapor, Yunkai, Meereen. They provide the cities citizens and visitors with entertainment. The ones in Meereen are the largest and most extravagant, with the main pit being Daznak’s Pit. Within the pits, beasts are pitted against beasts, gladiators against gladiators, beasts against gladiators, […]

Volcano Island Battle Map

A lonely tropical island in the midst of a huge ocean. Two hills, some sand and almost no shade. Above all this there is a volcano that begins to roar menacingly … An adventure perfect for a group of daredevils who will land on this island in search of treasures or magical artifacts hidden in […]

Forgotten Temple On The Sacred Mountain Battle Map

Holy mountain and on it a lonely temple in which local residents paid homage to the deities of this land. Many years ago, an earthquake destroyed the temple, which caused the appearance of evil forces in the area. Currently this area is dangerous and after dark demons appear here… This map is big (30×30) and […]

Flooded Ancient Ruins Battle Map

Ancient city. The capital of a powerful civilization. A place of worship for many gods and trade for the whole land. One day, the volcanic eruption led to the formation of a powerful wave that swept across the land. The city was destroyed.  The ruins that can sometimes be seen through the mist of fog […]

Dragon’s Lair Battle Map

Every adventure must have its own monster. This time we present a map that you can use during the adventure with the mysterious monster. We designed a cave in which it hides. There is also a treasure there so it is probably a great, hungry and deadly dragon! Large map (30×30) as usual in two […]

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