Haunted Forest

Get this map on our Patreon!   Despite the sinister atmosphere of these woods, your party of brave adventurers pushes forward. You hear that the Haunted Forest is home to dangerous beasts that offer a good challenge for a party of brave warriors and mages. The mayor of the nearby village has decided that he’s […]

A Robbed Wagon

You find an overturned wagon that hasn’t been fully robbed of its merchandise for some reason. Who could have done this? You’re traveling to the capital in hopes of finding better paying work there. At one point you find an overturned wagon. You examine the remains of what must have been a small, one-person caravan. […]

How to use maps in Dungeons & Dragons?

As seen in the many YouTube videos, many dungeon masters use maps, battle maps, or encounter maps during sessions. Maps are a very convenient tool, making battles more exciting, deeper, and tactical. You can use these maps for more than just fights, however. You can also use these maps throughout your session to show the […]

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