Autumn Swamp

Greetings folks! Mist shrouds a swamp hidden deep in the middle of the woods. Although the autumn colors give the place a mellow expression, the travelers need to stay cautious. Hardly anyone managed to return from the swamp to tell their story. Those who succeeded were left with only madness in their eyes and slurred […]

Dusty Road

Greetings folks! Travelers beware. The steep cliff-like mountains are treacherous, and many have fallen to their death. The brutal sun is blinding, and unexpected sandstorms make navigation quite tricky. Vultures circle overhead waiting for travelers who have come to meet their end. Although the dusty road seems abandoned at first, many travelers have been ambushed […]

Twisted River

Greetings folks! Twisted River is famous for its twists and turns. The water streams change drastically, so no place in the river is safe to cross by foot. Once upon a time, it was a popular trade route, but a colossal warship blocked it after the Great War. Despite the enormous financial losses, no one […]

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