Shanty Town

Howdy! This weeks map is Shanty Town. This peculiar map has a bit of grit in its tone and will certainly be something different. It should be a perfect setup for a chase or a bigger skirmish with the local gangs. Step into the twisting alleys, meet the locals, explore the customs and most importantly […]

Carcass Of The Last Titan

Hello, adventurers! This week we created a map called the „Carcass of the Last Titan”. A giant creature, made its last stand near a river in a calm valley… The map could be a great place to settle up a camp or have a little skirmish with those, who might have already found this place. […]

Planar Gate

Hello, folks! This week’s (FREE) map is the Planar Gate. This insane rift to another dimension is a dangerous and glitchy place, so better watch out. The map is designed as an arena for the climax of an adventure; it will most certainly be a memorable place. Prepare your finest potions, sharpen your weapons and […]

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