Dried Groves

Greetings folks! The sandy wind hurtles through dried-up trees, singing the song of an ancient forest. It is rumored that long ago, this place was a woods full of greenery. But, now, those days are long gone, and all that is left is the drought, dust, and scorching air. The unforgiving environment makes it a […]

Glacial Pond

Greetings, folks! Among the cold mountains lies a frozen pond. Traveling through the lands, you may hear many stories about this place. The chilly wind blows harshly through the trees, and cold bites your bones. Despite unwelcoming environment, you can feel that this place has many secrets yet to be discovered. The pond attracts many […]

Forest Camp

  Greeting folks! Setting up camp by a forest road is the perfect place for weary travelers to rest. After all these epic adventures and hardships along the way, even heroes deserve a moment to catch a breath. The peace of the forest gives a feeling of safety. The nearby road isn’t frequently used. But […]

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