Battle the scarecrows near Peter’s farm! “The scarecrows on my field have become animated. Please do something about them!” Peter, the owner of the farm, begs you to help him out. While the money he offers isn’t much, you can’t find it in yourself to refuse his desperate request. You leave his small house and […]

Ruined Temple with a Tree

Explore the temple of the forgotten gods! “I want you to protect me while I research the temple inside Lurin, a long-abandoned settlement in the middle of the Otolin Woods,” explains the scholar with a long white beard who wants to hire you for this new quest. You nod in agreement. After all, his request […]

January Update!

Hey everyone! Over the last few days, we’ve been getting inquiries from you guys about the Open Gaming License – how and if it will affect NED. Let’s start with this – What is the Open Gaming License? The Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License (OGL) is a legal instrument that allows third parties to […]

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