Harbor City (Region Map)

Save Tide’s End from being washed away by a giant wave! Tide’s End may seem like a quaint, peaceful city with a robust port for trading exotic goods, but today it’s the epicenter of a crisis. A powerful wizard out at sea is chanting a dangerous spell meant to create a giant wave to wash […]

Mage Tower in the University of Magic

Take a lesson at the University of Magic! Your mage has decided that he would like to learn more about alchemy, and so he has applied to the University of Magic in the capital. You accompany him to a rounded Mage Tower to register for an alchemy class. While your friend takes the lesson on […]


Battle the scarecrows near Peter’s farm! “The scarecrows on my field have become animated. Please do something about them!” Peter, the owner of the farm, begs you to help him out. While the money he offers isn’t much, you can’t find it in yourself to refuse his desperate request. You leave his small house and […]

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