11 lipca 2020

Magical Portals Battle Map

Hi everyone! This week’s map is the Magical Portals [30×36] map pack with 99 map variants (!) and 25 assets (ready for Roll20 or your favourite VTT). “Portals? I had a friend who really hated portals. Unfortunately his spouse was a witch, so he had to get used to them. Do I know where they […]

11 lipca 2020

Ancient Wizard Lair Battle Map

Hey folks! This week we have something special for you: an ancient labyrinth created by a powerful sorcerer who hid a terrible secret in it – the Weapon of Chaos! The daredevils who solve the mystery of the labyrinth and reach inside it will gain enormous power. This is place full of interesting ideas for […]

22 czerwca 2020

Sand Monster Battle Map

“The scariest thing here? Some would say tremors, but for us, people of this land, we would say silence. We want to belive this one is the worst, but if he will get silent… It would mean something worse woke up and is ready to hunt.” ~ Baahir, Wondering Nomad Dear Patrons! We present you […]

18 czerwca 2020

Desert Street Alley Battle Map

Remember our „Arabian Castle” map? You liked it very much and we decided to create a follow-up. Bazaar. A street in an exotic location, somewhere in the desert. Thousands of buyers, lots of sellers praising their goods. It’s the perfect place to meet strangers or fight. Or drinking tea. „Desert Street Alley” map [30×50] have […]

15 czerwca 2020

City of Fire Battle Map

The City on Fire [30×30] is our special map because next month we will create a continuation of it. Now you can use this map to create a session where players will move between the buildings (final – burning). Next month we will create for you a map with burnt buildings as another set! This […]

6 czerwca 2020

Vampire Manor Battle Map

Hi Patrons! Welcome to the house where the hosts sleep in coffins, drink blood and guests disappear under mysterious circumstances. Welcome to a very old property, which has been a protection for generations for the family living there… „Vampire Manor” [38×30] map pack has many versions (day, night, fog, snow, rain, haunting – 83 maps […]

27 maja 2020

The Cursed Pyramid Battle Map

Hellp Patrons! Good news: we’ve created one more free map for you this month. As you have rated the „Arabian Castle” map pack very well, we also wanted to do something about the desert. What could be more iconic and desert related than the pyramid?  In addition, a cursed pyramid with an ancient ghost defended […]

15 maja 2020

Wyrm Under Ice Battle Map

We’ve been thinking about this map „Wyrm Under Ice” (22×18) for a long time – winter, frost, I’ve deserted the battlefield and a dead, giant monster under the ice. What is this beast? Which side was it on? How did it die? Are you sure she’s dead? What powers did he have and what knocked […]

13 maja 2020

Arabian Castle Battle Map

We have a new map this week: as you have decided in this vote, one of the maps we have created this month is the Arab Castle (40×50). It is a beautiful building surrounded by a wall and well guarded. The interiors are wonderfully decorated and there are frescos on the walls. Numerous expensive sculptures […]

2 maja 2020

Dark Castle

Howdy! Our first map this month: a mysterious castle  (30×70), inhabited by evil forces. Maybe there the heroes will find a necromancer that rules the land, or a powerful magical object to remove the curse? Enjoy your castle raid! For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that makes […]