June Update!

Hello everyone! Work on Alpha is going full steam ahead; we’ve been focusing on functionality and fine-tuning the Dungeon over the last couple of weeks. Our programmers have focused on: Working on adventure storyline overview Creating storyline database Improving map creation Map creation reacting to storyline elements: size, lightning, enemies, important story elements Textual information […]

Hilltop Manor

Greetings folks! Hidden deep in the mountains, Hilltop Manor welcomes all weary travelers. But don’t look around too much, and don’t ask any unnecessary questions. The local lord does not reveal his secrets to just anyone. „Hilltop Manor” is a map of May’s Mountain Fortresses theme. During May and the beginning of June, our patrons […]

Cliffside Castle

Greetings folks! An impregnable castle hid deep within the mountains. The folks living here are as harsh and cold as the weather in the mountains. Elverston Fortress is not a place where you will find friends and allies. Especially if you’re not from here. „Cliffside Castle” is a map of May’s Mountain Fortresses theme. During […]

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