Thieves Guild Hideout

This week’s map is the „Thieves Guild Hideout” a multi-level map with many levels for adventures where sneaking and reconnaissance missions count. A hideout for local hoodlums who use boats to smuggle forbidden goods. At first glance – a normal inn, but if you go down to the basement and find an elevator to the […]

Mysterious Isolated Farm

Hi everyone! A mysterious settlement, cut off from the world, where mysterious phenomena took place. Is it a matter of graves or crops located nearby? Will the team have the courage to discover the secret of this seemingly peaceful farm? „Mysterious Isolated Farm” [30×38] has 28 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF […]

Mad Alchemist’s Lab

Hi everyone! „Mad Alchemist’s Lab” [18×24] has 18 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions) and 41 assets (ready for Roll20, Foundry or your favourite VTT platform). The laboratory has three floors and each has its own peculiarity. Visiting it will be a real adventure for the team of players. PS Number […]

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