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We are Spellarena, a distinguished collective of Dungeon Masters, game designers, and artists who share a profound passion for TTRPGs. Our team is dedicated to crafting various content for fantasy settings, utilizing our extensive 27-year experience in playing RPGs. Throughout our tenure in the industry, we have meticulously designed and produced an array of maps and other essential materials that enhance the gaming experience for our fellow players.

OUr projects

Never Ending Dungeon

Never Ending Dungeon is an AI-powered software for creating adventures for both players and Game Masters. You can start the fun by using the adventures you find in the app, or you can create infinite numbers of quests on your own.

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Dive into our curated collection of TTRPG & 5E maps, assets, and ideas for adventures, especially for those looking to enhance their campaigns. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you with fresh adventures, maps, and inspiration so you’ll never run short of creative sparks. We warmly invite you to come and explore alongside us.

(But psst… just so you know, this project is currently on a magical hiatus, but stay tuned for its grand return!)

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