How to use maps in Dungeons & Dragons?

As seen in the many YouTube videos, many dungeon masters use maps, battle maps, or encounter maps during sessions. Maps are a very convenient tool, making battles more exciting, deeper, and tactical. You can use these maps for more than just fights, however. You can also use these maps throughout your session to show the […]

How To Build Adventures In Dungeons And Dragons?

How To Build Adventures In Dungeons And Dragons? Few Useful Tips: One of the best ways to write a challenging but not too difficult adventure for Dungeons and Dragons is to use a classic theme such as dungeons with orcs and goblins. By using classic creatures and settings, you can create an adventure that is […]

September Update!

Hey! I know you probably wanted better news, but we have news only bittersweet. Technically we are almost ready to show the alpha version; nevertheless, we are not satisfied with the generation results, and we have to redesign some systems. This is the more bitter part 🙂 For those who are persistent and would like […]

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